Coloured pencils on Kraftcard…

I have taken a slightly different direction to my colouring this week and had a go at colouring with coloured pencils on kraft card. Now I only have cheap kraftcard, so wasn’t expecting much! To my surprise it turned out pretty awesome! 🙂

This all came about because I decided to enter the 30 day colouring challenge (details can be found Basically you can do a bit of colouring each day,  it doesn’t have to be much and share your work on Instagram, Facebook or your blog. It is really interesting to see what other crafters are doing and the support you get is amazing 🙂

If you want to see my creations up til now then head over to my instagram @daisyjaynes1, but for this post I am concentrating on day 5 & 6

Day 5, I decided to break out my new Prismacolor pencils and colour up a Your Next Stamp set called Silly Monsters(CYNS047). I haven’t had much experience with pencils, so I spent a couple of hours watching Julia Altermann’s pencil videos over on You Tube. She is a super colorist and very good at teaching this technique. As she says ‘its all about layering’.

30 day challenge #5

By the way, I am in love with these pencils… they blend like butter and make even a novice like me look good LOL!

I decided to colour up another image using a different set of pencils and chose the stamp set ‘How are Ewe?’ by Gerda Steiner Designs.

GS Awesome

I used the Essential set of Spectrum Noir Pencils and although they did a pretty amazing job, they were not as creamy as the Prismacolor pencils. Still I was very pleased as to how this card turned out 🙂

On Day 6 I decided to try yet another set of pencils (yes!…I have way too much crafty yuminess!! ;)) This time I used some artist quality pencils by a British company called Derwent. I was surprised at how nice they went on to the kraftcard, as they seemed very hard but they blend very nicely. I used a stamp called ‘Anniversary Surprise’ by

30 day challenge #6

I have had fun playing with these pencils over the last couple of days and feel I have improved on my colouring technique…which is always nice 🙂

Below are the three finished cards I made using these challenge pieces.

GS AwesomeYNS monster birthdayLOTV together


Happy crafting and see you soon xxxx


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