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All that glitters…

A couple of weekends ago we celebrated my daughter in laws 30th birthday with a big party. I was asked to make some table decorations, so I thought I would share the process with you.

Supplies used were: Glass bottles, Chunky Gold Glitter, PVA Glue, Clear Acrylic Spray (sealer), Black and Gold tissue paper, wooden dowels and sand.

DSC_0045Firstly, I used my electronic cutting machine to cut out a bunch of S’s and number 30’s…


I then added some acetate strips to stabalize the ends of the letters…


Next job was to attach the wooden dowels and strengthen the letter using a lollipop stick and glue on the back to neaten everything up…

Lastly, I glued on the gold 30’s and voila!

DSC_0050The next task was to glitter up those bottles…DSC_0064

Pretty self explanitory really…

DSC_0066To stop the glitter coming off, I spayed a clear Acrylic which sealed all that sparkly yumminess!!!!

Next I made the black and gold pom poms… there are some very good tutorials on Youtube for this step…


So the last step was to glue a wooden dowel to each pom pom. I poured a liitle sand into the bottom of the bottles to stick the dowels into them and also to give the bottles a bit of weight (This helps prevent the bottles tipping over), a little bit of ribbon and …



Happy crafting and see you soon xxx

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