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Hello world!

Q: What happens when nine to five just doesn’t do it for you any more?
A: You start a blog!

I love crafting! Don’t you?
I started making cards about 12 years ago when supplies were limited and not very inspiring. My first cards were all peel off’s and mulberry papers not a Copic Marker in sight, let alone distress inks or co-ordinating stamp and die sets!!
Life got in the way and suddenly I was working a full time job, with my youngest two children still at primary school, housework and hubby, this left me with no time or energy to craft. Those are what I call ‘the hum drum’ days…

Then in 2007, I was told I was going to be a Nan!…Oooh, what to make?…blue or pink?…baby blanket or cross stitch? I just couldn’t choose…so I made everything!!! What with all the inspiration and talented people out there (Pinterest is my crafting bible!) and the massive choice of quality products, I’ve been hooked ever since.

Now it’s my turn to share…I will try, at least once a week, to post any new projects I make or techniques I have learned and I would love it if you left your comments or suggestions below and maybe this will be my inspiration to create for you!

Bye for now…

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